Top 10 Best Outdoor TVs in 2016 reviews


Whether you have a patio, veranda or a hotel with an open air extension, setting up an outdoor television can help you, your family, friends or even customers to enjoy their favorite TV programs outside the confines of a wall. However, you should note that such units are often prone to extreme weather conditions, insects, dust and other potentially damaging elements. For this reason, when purchasing your outdoor television set, it is important to go for a sealed and tough unit that can withstand rain, extreme cold and hot weather conditions. It should be able to offer crystal clear performance under all conditions. Below are top ten best outdoor televisions based on 2016 reviews:

10. Jensen 15-Inch LED HDTV (JE-1512-LED)

If you are looking for a reliable outdoor television that can be found at a budget friendly price, this television unit will be the best. It is a HD-ready unit that is designed to resist water, sunlight and other potentially harmful elements. With a resolution of 1366 x 768 WXGA, the television guarantees you crystal clear performance. Moreover, the television is quite energy saving.

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9. The 46-Inch Outdoor LCD Waterproof TV by Sis

This is another great-quality television that features a bright Samsung LCD display that is ideal for all-weather viewing. It is a high-performance unit that can operate in direct sunlight without getting damaged. For instance, the unit can withstand temperatures between -30 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the powder-coated finish helps to enhance its performance and durability.

8. The G-Series Ultra HD/4K 80-Inch Outdoor Television from Mirage Vision

This is a high performance outdoor television, which comes while sealed with a special sealant that helps to protect its components from debris, bugs and moisture. A proprietary membrane is normally secured to the ventilation holes that are on the back cover. The membrane allows excess heat to escape, although it is impermeable to moisture. Moreover, the holes that are left at the lower part of the back-cover help to drain water in case the television is rained on.

7. The G Series 46-Inch Outdoor LED HD Television from Mirage Vision

This is an ultra-thin yet high performance outdoor television that is designed with the latest LED back-light modulation technology. The product is safe, sealed and secure, thanks to the special sealant that is applied on its components so as to protect them from debris, bugs and moisture. The television can withstand temperatures of between -25 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit and normally comes with a waterproof cover and remote control for convenient operation.

6. D Series 32-Inch Outdoor LED HD TV

The World’s Thinnest and Most Advanced Outdoor Smart Television with Built-in Wi-Fi & Apps from Mirage Vision
This is an ultra-thin outdoor smart television that has built-in WiFi and many interesting applications. The unit is built to withstand direct sunlight and resist dust, rain, insects and other potentially harmful elements. It can withstand temperatures of between -25 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit and normally saves up to 40% energy when in use. It is one of the brightest outdoor television sets that guarantees you unparalleled clarity.

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5. The 55-Inch SEALOC 3-Series Outdoor Television with Waterproof Components

This is a great outdoor television that features waterproof protection and can be put to commercial as well as residential use. The unit is protected using the new military-based Nano-coating technology, which allows it to even be submerged without getting damaged. This ensures optimum protection from humidity, water and moisture. It also offers protection from salt air conditions and other elements.

4. Sunbrite SB-3270-HDSL 32-Inch Signature-Series All-weather LED Outdoor Television

This is another great quality outdoor television that features a slimmer design. It is a weatherproof engineered television set that comes with a powder-coated aluminum exterior for maximum durability. Moreover, the heat dispersion system helps to keep this unit both cool and dry. It is a reliable television that features weatherproof control buttons, built-in 20W speakers and a weather-proof remote control.

3. The World’s Thinnest Outdoor LED-TV. The G Series 40-Inch Outdoor LED HD Television from Mirage Vision

This is an ultra-thin outdoor television set that is custom-made for outdoor use. The unit is resistant to dust, rain, insects and other elements. Moreover, it can withstand temperatures of between -25 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a high-performance High Definition television which is uniquely designed to offer crystal clear images. Another great advantage of this television is that it saves up to 40% of the energy.

2. Sunbrite TV Signature-Series Black Outdoor 46-Inch 1080 P LED-LCD TV 16:9 HDTV 1080P SB-4670 HD BL

This is a water-resistant, resilient and durable outdoor television, which can withstand elements such as snow, rain, extreme cold and heat, dust and salt among others. The powder-coated aluminum exterior helps in shielding the internal components, while the bright 46-inch full 1080p HD LED anti-glare screen is designed to deliver exceptional viewing quality. The television also comes with a weather-proof remote control for convenient operation.

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1. Sunbrite SB3270HD 32-Inch 1920×1080 3000:1 LED-LCD TV

This is the best outdoor television based on 2016 reviews. It is a thin television unit that is engineered to withstand any type of weather. It features a powder-coated aluminum exterior, which guarantees you optimal durability. Moreover, its elegant design makes it a perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen or patio, yard, deck or even an outdoor living area. Moreover, it normally comes with an outdoor dust cover and a weather-proof remote control for easier operation.

With so many television units on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is best suited for outdoor environments. Ideally, the best one should be tough, durable, properly sealed and with the ability to show crystal clear images under all condition. The above outdoor TV reviews can help you to choose the best.